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Biological Signal Acquisition and Analysis

Perceptmx engineers biological signal acquisition devices and software for the objective measurement of sensation, perception, and cognition. Examples include a portable electroretinograph used to measure retinal spectral sensitivity (i.e., color perception), physiological assessment of experimentally induced and naturally occurring pain (i.e., objective measurement of pain severity), and brain electrical source analysis (i.e., functional imaging of brain activity associated with sensation, perception, and cognition.)

Computer Vision

Incorporate high-speed and high-resolution image acquisition/analysis and motion detection into research. Perceptmx offers a wide range of solutions from webcam based systems to infrared and ultraviolet high-resolution digital video.

Emotion Server

The Emotion Server (ES) provides seamless emotional analysis of text to any application. Its basic functionality can be seen in Whissell's Dictionary of Affect in Language. The ES analyses the emotional content of speech along the dimensions of pleasantness, activation, and imagery. Advanced analysis functions including means comparisons (ANOVA, t-test, etc.), autocorrelation and time-series analysis, network function (e.g., coherence, impulse response), and spectral analysis are also available.

Speech Recognition

Speech recognition converts spoken words to written text and as a result can be used to provide user interfaces that use spoken input.

Speech Synthesis

Speech synthesis technology converts text into a natural sounding voice or speech. Speech synthesis software reduces costs, speeds development and enhances the user's experience by providing dynamic, detailed, and personalized information in a real-time, near-human automated voice. This technology can be used in a variety of contexts such as disability accommodation (assistive and adaptive devices) to research standardization and automation.

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